Must be sun spots Tue, Aug 24, 2004

Having some problems keeping the router on the wire. For those of you who depend on my server being up please know that I do receive alerts on my cell phone when it goes down courtesy of Mailive!. It may take me a few hours in order to get home and reset the router, so please understand that I am on it. The most annoying part about these problems is it seems to happen about this time every year. Last year when this was happening I had Time Warner come out and take a look. They said I was getting intermittent signal interruption. The cause? Weak signal. So the engineer installed an unbalanced splitter to increase the signal going to the router (decreasing the signal to the tv. The sacrifices we make!). I thought this had done the trick because we haven’t had many problems since then. This month, however, has put me in my place. Keeping an eye on the situation…

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